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Navigating the delicate balance between house and techno, Cami Jones has quietly forged her path as a DJ with a style uniquely her own. Her sets are defined by thumping basslines, sultry elements, and heart-driven grooves that draw listeners into a rhythmic embrace. Currently based in Ibiza, she brings a genuine passion for rhythm and an entrancing energy to dance floors worldwide.

In the realm of production and vocals, Cami's work has found a home on various platforms, including her label, nooghty. Her recent releases have landed on reknowned labels such as Hot Creations, Repopulate Mars, Short Circuit, HE.SHE.THEY, and Kaluki. These collaborations highlight her versatility, showcasing an artist unafraid to explore a variety of sounds and vocals.

Cami Jones's journey spans from the sun-soaked shores of Australia to the iconic Ibiza nightlife, where her performances have left a lasting impression. Her sets are a reflection of a genuine connection with the audience, where the focus is not on grandeur but on creating an atmosphere where music becomes an immersive experience.

As she continues shaping the sonic landscape of her electronic music, Cami remains committed to authenticity and innovation. With each beat, she invites audiences on a subtle yet powerful journey—a fusion of house and techno that displays the sincerity of a true artist dedicated to the craft.

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